Sunday, March 29, 2020

ZenKahuna and the Double Ball Staff

ZenKahuna (Rocannon MacGregor) is very active on YouTube. His videos often demonstrate mindful movements that one can do with clubs, maces, kettlebells and more. One of the implements ZenKahuna has come up with is called the Double Ball Staff which he says can help with brain organization and training, mobility, strengthening joints & sinews, digital dexterity, and enhancing fluid moving skills. These are made in Idaho by Rosewater Kinetics.
Image from Rosewater Kinetics' Facebook page

He's a collection of videos (in no particular order) demonstrating how to use this apparatus.


  1. How can I order a pair of double ball staffs please!!

  2. You can now from and look for the Multi-Staff Kit which can turn into a 2ft or 4ft double ball staff :)