Sunday, June 21, 2015

Steve Korn's Talking Pictures Blog - Featuring Bill Frisell

Seattle-based photographer Steve Korn has a blog called TALKING PICTURES, on which he asks jazz musicians Leading Questions, such as "When I'm playing well __________", and "I've never understood _________".  I became aware of Steve Korn's blog when I saw that he had done a Leading Questions with guitarist Bill Frisell.  Below are some highlights from Bill's succinct responses.  The comments by other musicians in this series are worth reading as well!

Bill Frisell with clarinet (photo by Steve Korn)
Someone once told me "Music is good."
When I was 14 I got my first electric guitar!
Practice makes me feel good. 
When I look at where I’m at right now, I think I'd better get started. 
Some of my best ideas come to me as a gift when least expected. 
Fear is part of the deal. 
Motivation is not something to take for granted. 
Discipline is something I could use more of. 
I’ve never understood politics. 
The future of jazz is happening. 
The history of jazz is overwhelmingly rich with beauty, mystery, and reveals infinite possibilities for the future. 
The clarinet was my first instrument.

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