Monday, June 15, 2015

Keep An Open Mind With Music

Sylvan Esso
While watching the Bonnaroo webcast this past weekend I was reminded of the importance of staying open when it comes to music.  It's easy to get jaded and/or just stay within your own comfort zone(s).  You need to remember be receptive enough to recognize good music making no matter how it is being presented.  Don't ever turn that sensor off.

Case in point: I switched over to the Bonnaroo web channel on Friday as the unknown to me duo Sylvan Esso was performing.  It was a dude playing some kind of computer-synth thing with prerecorded beats, and a non-instrument playing girl singer dancing around the stage.  Sooooo not my thing.

My instinct was to immediately reject something like this upon seeing/hearing it but I had tuned in during an ecstatic moment in their set.  As I watched it didn't take me long to start to think that maybe this was pretty good.  Not just OK but actually really good!  In that moment Sylvan Esso was giving it their all and the crowd was into it.  I was totally into it!

Here's a clip.  I love the way Amelia Meath dances.


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