Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oldtime Sunday - Norman Blake plays Whiskey Before Breakfast

Normally on a Sunday morning I'd be cramming on some oldtime tunes in anticipation of attending a great oldtime jam that I like to go to on Sunday afternoons.  I took a break from that today to sleep in!  Now I think we'll go do a walking tour of Fredericksburg, a city about 40 miles to the north.  Maybe go to a book store and stop in a brewery up there.

Norman Blake
Before I leave, I wanted to post this video of Norman Blake playing Whiskey Before Breakfast in the key of E-flat on guitar.  Norman has long been my favorite guitar flatpicker and one of my favorite mandolin players too!  Some would say his music is not oldtime.  I don't want to get in on that debate.  It sounds old timey enough to me!

As I type this it just passed from morning 'til noon, but there's still some time for a little Whiskey Before Breakfast, right?  Cheers.

Oh won't let me embed the video.  Here's a link anyways:

Or try this:

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