Friday, August 7, 2015

The Portland Collection Volume 3 Now Available

A third volume in the Portland Collection series of tunebooks is now available.  Just like the previous two spiral-bound books, this collection contains over 300 tunes from the repertoire of the Pacific Northwest: traditional Irish, Appalachian and Québécois tunes, recently composed jigs and reels, and more.  Altogether, the three volumes in this series represent one of the most comprehensive modern collections of fiddle tunes.

What I like about these Portland Collection books is the variety of music that is included.  In addition to numbers that are smack dab in the middle of the Celtic and old-time traditions, respectively, they also feature the types of contra dance tunes that land somewhere in-between and are often overlooked in local jams and sessions.

For example, in addition to the keys of D, G and A, and "A-modal" and "E-modal", you can also find tunes played in F, E, Bb, Gminor...even F#minor!  It's fun to just go through the pages and randomly find tunes to play as an exercise in sight reading and discovery.  The only criticism I might have is that because these are written to be dance tunes, some of the more feral oldtime tunes that might otherwise be crooked can be squared off for the purposes of this book.

As always, the authors Susan Songer and Clyde Curley recommended that you find an audio recording of the tune to supplement the notation.  Ultimately you want to be able to play these them as you feel them and not be bound by someone else's transcriptions or chord suggestions, but this book provides a great reference point.

You can order a copy here:

Here's A List of the Tunes in The Portland Collection Volume 3:
A Jig
Aaron’s Key
Accordion Crimes
Acorn Stomp, Part 2
Across the Black River
Adirondack, The
Adriatic Bridge, The
Aimé Gagnon
An Titim Fada see Long Drop, The
Argo’s Reel
Asturian Way
Auld Fiddler, The
Bank of Ireland, The
Bank of Turf, The
Barter’s Hill
Battle of Waterloo, The
Beauties of the Ballroom
Bell Cow
Belle of Lexington, The
Bells of Dover
Berkeley Reel
Bert Murray see Auld Fiddler, The
Bibb County Hoedown
Bijoux, Reel
Billy in the Lowground
Bird in the Bush, The
Bird in the Tree, The see Bird in the Bush, The
Bitter Creek
Black Rock
Black Scoter, The
Bloom of Youth, The
Blue Bonnets Over the Border
Blue Earth Special, The
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
Bonhomme, Reel du
Bonnie Isabel Robertson
Boring the Leather
Bound to Have a Little Fun
Box Man, The
Boyne Water
Boys of Antrim, The
Boys of Malin, The
Boys of the Lough, The
Brendan McMahon’s
Broue, Reel de la
Brumley Brae
Buckle Up the Backstrap
Buffalo Girls
Calling Wood, The
Castle Aaaa, The
Cat Fish Jig
Cat in the Hopper
Cemetery Road
Champaign Jig Goes to Columbia, The
Cleveland Park
Clog de Pariseau
Cloud Nine
Colonel McBain
Come Under My Plaidie
Concert Reel, The
Cranberry Rock
Cripple Creek
Crock of Gold, The
Crook Brothers Tune
Cruinniu na mBad (Gathering of the Boats)
Cuckoo’s Nest, The
Cumberland Gap
Dailey’s Reel
Darkies’ Dream see Acorn Stomp, Part 2
Deer Walk
Denver Belle
Derrane’s see Hardiman’s Fancy
Deux Lisa, Le Reel des
Dilbert’s Jig
Divine Reel, The
Donegal Lass, The
Donnybrook Fair see Joys of My Life, The
Dowd’s #9
Drummond Castle
Dunmore Lasses, The
Eighth of January
Erik’s Reel
Evil Red Three
Exile of Erin, The
Faubourg, Reel du
February March
Fée des Dents, La
Fiddler’s Dream
Field in the Forest, The
Fine Times at Our House
Fly Fishing Reel, The
Flying Fox
Folklife Reel
Francine Desjardins see Hommage à Mes Amis Musiciens
Franco-American Reel
Fred Finn’s
Fremont Center
Funnel in the Tunesmith’s Truck, The
Gadeliderot, Le
Gallagher’s Frolics
Gallope de Francine Desjardins, La see Hommage à Mes Amis Musiciens
Gigue des Capuchons
Gigue des Montagnards
Gigue des Sucres
Gigue des Touristes see Quadrille de Beauharnois
Gigue du Plateau Mont-Royal, La
Gigue du Salon
Gillian’s Reel
Girl Who Broke My Heart, The
Goglu, Reel du
Goodbye Girls
Goodbye Girls, I’m Going to Boston
Greasy Coat
Green Fields of Woodford, The
Green Willis
Grondeuse, La see Marmotteuse, La
Happy Hollow
Hardiman’s Fancy
Hava Na(jig)ilah
Haymaker’s Hoedown
Heather McCarthy
Hector MacDonald’s Reel
Helena, Reel
Hens’ Feet and Carrots
Homeward Bound
Hommage à Arthur, Marcel et Phylias Pigeon
Hommage à Gilles Laprise
Hommage à Harmonica Jean
Hommage à Mes Amis Musiciens
Hommage à Montmarquette see Clog de Pariseau
Hommage à Ojnab
Hommage aux Pigeons see Hommage à Arthur, Marcel et Phylias Pigeon
Homme à Deux Femmes, L’
House in the Glen, The
Huffing Up Great Gable
Hull’s Reel
Humours of Ballinafauna, The
I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave
I Get My Whiskey from Rockingham
Immigrants’ Dream see Acorn Stomp, Part 2
Indiens, Reel des
Iron Mountain
Jack Daniel’s Reel
Jackie Coleman’s
Janet Beaton Jig, The
Jigermyster, The
John Brain’s see Brumley Brae
Johnny’s Wedding see Colonel McBain
Joys of My Life, The
June Apple
Juniper Jig
Kentucky One-Step
Kiss the Bride
Kitchen Jig, The
Klezmer Kerry Polka #1
Knockdhu Reel, The
Lads of Leith, The see Beauties of the Ballroom
Lady of the Lake
Laington’s Reel
Laird o’ Cockpen see Cat in the Hopper
Lark on the Strand
Laurie in F
Lennon’s No. 4
Life is All Chequered see Come Under My Plaidie
Little Daisy
Live Oak
Liza Rose
Lizzy in the Lowground
Log Cabin, The
Long Drop, The (An Titim Fada)
Longford Collector, The
Lord Mayo
Louis Riel
Love Shack, Reel du
Maghera Mountain
Magnolia One-Step
Maid in the Meadow, The
Marche de Queteux Pomerleau
Marche des Elèves, La
Marmotteuse, La
Martin Reilly’s see Martin Rilly’s
Martin Rilly’s
Mary Devlin’s
McDuggle’s Reel
Ménage à Quatre: Bourée No. 3
Menteries, Le Reel des
Merryn’s Reel
Miller’s Reel
Miss Barker’s
Miss MacPherson Grant’s Jig—of Ballindalloch
Miss Thornton’s
Molly’s Graduation
Moon Behind the Hill
Moorit Lamb
Morin Farm Jig, The
Mortgage Burn,The
Mouse in the Kitchen
Mrs. Norman MacKeigan
Mrs. O’Sullivan’s
Multnomah Falls
Munster Bacon
Munster Hop, The
My Little Dony see Oh, My Little Darlin’
New Fiddle, The
New Money
New Mown Meadows, The
Ní Felis Gratis
Nine Points of Roguery
Nord, Reel du
North River Fox, The
Obama’s March to the White House
Oddville Cupola
Oh, My Little Darlin’
Ol’ Bob
Old Chattanooga see Chattanooga
Old Horse and Buggy
Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket, The
Old Yeller Dog Come Trottin’ Through the Meetinghouse
On the Danforth
Orage du Québec, L’
Out with the Boys
Paddy Fahey’s Reel No. 3
Paddy on the Turnpike
Parry Sound Reel, The
Party Tune, The
Peacock Rag
Phone Call, The
Pipe on the Hob, The
Pipe Slang, The
Plowman’s Folly
Pont de l’Etang, Le Reel du
Portland Gypsy Reel, The
Pottinger’s Reel
Première Partie de Quadrille
Pride of Cluinte, The
Printemps, Le
Puppeteer, The
Quadrille de Beauharnois
Quadrille des Ancêtres Figure 2
Quadrille Montcalm
Racine le Beau
Ray’s Classic
Red Boots, The
Red Prairie Dawn
Reel à Répondre see Répondre, Reel à
Reel de la Broue see Broue, Reel de la
Reel de la Rue de Gaspé see Rue de Gaspé, Reel de la
Reel de Rivière-du-Loup see Rivière-du-Loup, Le Reel de
Reel de Saint-Etienne see Saint-Etienne, Reel de
Reel de Valleyfield see Valleyfield, Reel de
Reel des Deux Lisa, Le see Deux Lisa, Le Reel des
Reel des Indiens see Indiens, Reel des
Reel des Menteries, Le see Menteries, Le Reel des
Reel du Bonhomme see Bonhomme, Reel du
Reel du Faubourg see Faubourg, Reel du
Reel du Goglu see Goglu, Reel du
Reel du Love Shack see Love Shack, Reel du
Reel du Nord see Nord, Reel du
Reel du Pont de l’Etang, Le see Pont de l’Etang, Le Reel du
Reel Helena see Helena, Reel
Reel of Rio, The see Rio, The Reel of
Reel Ti-Bé see Ti-Bé, Reel
Repeal the Poll Tax
Répondre, Reel à
Riding on a Load of Hay
Riff City
Rio, The Reel of
River Bend, The
Rivière-du-Loup, Le Reel de
Road from the South, The
Road to Errogie, The
Road to Lisdoonvarna, The
Road to Rio, The see Rio, the Reel of
Robe de Mariée, La
Rockingham Cindy
Rod ta Houll, Da
Room 211
Rue de Gaspé, Reel de la
Safe Harbor
Sail Away Ladies
Saint-Etienne, Reel de
Saint-Germain, 6/8
Sally Was a Poor Girl
Salt Creek see Salt River
Salt River
Salty River Reel
Seamus Cooley’s
Seán Frank see Colonel McBain
Seanamhac Tube Station
Seeking Turf
Seize the Day
Shakin’ Down the Acorns
Shaking Off the Acorns see Shakin’ Down the Acorns
Sheepskin and Beeswax
Sherburn’s Breakdown
Simple Tune
Single Man, The see Girl Who Broke My Heart, The
6/8 Saint-Germain see Saint-Germain, 6/8
Sleeping Lulu
Sleepy-Eyed John
Slippery Kate
Soirée Chez Alcide
Sparkle of Starlight
Sporting Paddy
Step Around Johnny
Such a Boychik!
Sugar Hill
Surveyor’s Reel
Susanbirds of Wendell, The
Swords into Ploughshares
Taggart’s Reel #3
Taking Care of Mom
Tatter Jack Walsh
Terrebonne Depot
Terwilliger Tempo, The
Ti-Bé, Reel
Tongadale Reel, The
Torn Jacket, The
Tracy’s Turn
Troll Soup
Trombone Rag
Turlute à Lisan Hubert, La
Uncle Bob’s Boogie
Union Street Session
Up Downey
Up South
Up the Steep Pitch
Valleyfield, Reel de
Wagon Wheel
Watermill, The
Weighing Anchor
Whelan’s Old Sow
White Buffalo
Willie Hunter’s see Ray’s Classic
Willie Mcguire’s see Auld Fiddler, The
Windy Gap see Tuttle’s
Winter at Pemaquid Light
With Ourselves
Woodridge Breakdown
Zinnia’s Favorite

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