Friday, August 21, 2015

Characteristics of the Different Musical Keys

Some say that each musical key evokes a different feeling. For example...

C major
The most translucent. Innocent, pure and naive, like the whispers of children. As fresh and natural as an untouched virgin. Stark naked and elementary.

C minor
The sorrow of love lost hangs heavy and faint, echoing the despondent yearning of vacant souls.

Db major
A purple sonorous sinking ecstasy. Witnessing the changes of the moon, howling internally beneath outward silence. Breaths taken become invisible, then vanish into consequences.

Db minor
A bleeding bestial intercourse with the celestial mountain. Dashed hopes of enlightenment.

D major
The smell of victory, proudly yellow and magnificent. An exultation of mirth basking in the wake of its many accomplishments.

D minor
The feminine whims of an orthodox gloom. Gathering platelets and filtering plasma.

Eb major
Dreaming of the cherished sinews. Unforgiving in its nature of brutal adherence.

Eb minor
Anxious dismay of the darkest woe. Hesitating when it should advance, persisting when it should fail. The realm of the phantom.

E major
Crying out an exultation of unfulfilled pleasure. Its intent is your sky blue. Magnificent splendor. Rising above the arguments of the day.

E minor
An uneasy grumbling abated only by the reciprocation of its flame. Attracted to grief, nostalgic for the beefing.

F major
Comfortable in its own skin yet easily agitated. In accord with the deep red luxury of existence.

F minor
Thrilling, chilling and ready to attack. Not satisfied with its position. Looking for the proxy.

F# major
Climbing the forged signature embedded in its foundation. Decisively subjugating the copycats. Responding savagely to fancied slights.

F# minor
Dog bitten but well dressed. Speaking to audience of foiled firebrands.

G major
Blooming in isolation but not out of touch. Thankful for the immortal bond. Projecting agreeable satisfaction.

G minor
Resentful of its missed opportunities. Biting at will. Acting out at predestined schema.

Ab major
Corpse-like with infinity reflected in its pupils. Scanning the horizon for any signs of decay.

Ab minor
Confined to a sticky steam bath until it can no longer gasp or blow. Escaping to even greater panic.

A major
A fulfilled promise returned to its point of origin. Affirming the ever-present state of serenity.

A minor
The clerical order belies a hidden delicate center. It is and isn't what it seems to be.

Bb major
In command of its ethos and optimistic of the future. No need to let go, no need to remain.

Bb minor
A living, mortal thing. Cloaked in the shadow of the eventide. Surrounded by expressionless self-destruction.

B major
The strongest intensity composed of blatant indignation. At every turn the task is omnipresent.

B minor
The key of restraint, expectant of the allotted portions. Losing nothing because it hasn't acquired.

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