Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Moleskin Large Music Notebook

Moleskin makes some of the finest journals, sketch pads and notebooks, so naturally their Music Notebook would be cool too. The left side of each page is blank, while the right side contains blank sheet music staffs/staves, so it can function as both a practice journal and a compositional notebook. 

Instead of having scraps of paper strewn about and misplaced, this music notebook allows you to keep all your musical ideas in one place. Write your practice notes, song lyrics and musical thoughts on the left side, and jot down melodies, chords, and composition ideas on the staffs on the right. 

The large version of the music notebook measures 5” x 8.25” with 192 pages and has a durable, hard black cover with an elastic closure. It also includes a music ruler to draw lines of new staffs, if necessary. The size and design of the Music Notebook is conducive to making you want to write in it daily. It’s not so rigid and formal to be intimidating, not so big to be clunky, and not so small to be inconsequential.

Don't overthink it, don't second guess yourself, just start writing. A blank page, a blank mind.  Accept all ideas. Don’t throw anything out. Ignore self-doubt. Just get something on the page, you have nothing to lose. Fill the music notebook up then start on another!

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