Sunday, November 17, 2013

Valley Forge, Road to Malvern and many more fiddle tunes found on John Lamancusa's Old Time Fiddle Tunes site

John Lamancusa fiddle (middle)
A page that I return to frequently when  I want to play along with a fiddle tune and/or see a transcription of the melody is John Lamancusa's Old Time Fiddle Tunes site.

Over 350 tunes and counting have been collected and notated there.  The majority of it is old time fiddle tunes (including many of the crooked, weird and modal ones that make old time so much fun), but there's also some New England Contra Dance, Celtic jigs/polkas/hornpipes and waltzes...even some rare Southwestern Tohono O'odham music which is definitely worth checking out.

Tune names link to sheet music pdf files, the piano keys symbol links to a midi file, and better yet the vinyl record/music symbol links to a field recording or other audio source.  This site has helped me get a handle on tunes such as Valley Forge, Road to Malvern, Snake Hunt, Hunting the Buffalo, Old Time Billy in the Lowground, Down in Little Egypt, Santa Anna's Retreat and more.

I need to learn some of those Southwestern Bayou Seco and Gu-achi Fiddlers tunes he has notated!

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