Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fredericksburg's Battlefield Brewery

Upon pulling up to The Pub, your first reaction might be this can’t be the home of Battlefield Brewery, can it?  Upon walking into The Pub, you still might be thinking this can’t be the home of Battlefield Brewery, can it?  But it is.  This friendly, working-class, blue collar bar and brewery located in a suburban strip mall in Fredericksburg, VA is home to some of the best tasting, no nonsense, craft beer made in Virginia.

There’s nothing pretentious about The Pub.  Apparently you can still smoke in there, and there always seems to be quite a few regulars at the bar doing just that.  The Pub is not a place where exciting things have to always be happening.  Everyone might just be sitting there quietly.  If your idea of a pleasant weekend afternoon is to be in a bar, reading the paper while smoking cigarettes and nursing a beer, occasionally conversing with those around you – or not, then The Pub/Battlefield Brewery might just be the place for you.
outside Battlefield Brewery (The Pub) - Fredericksburg, VA
If you can’t take the cigarette smoke you can just go in and have a growler filled of their Iwo Jima Red Ale, Chancellor Pale Ale, or one of the special beers they might have brewed.  My favorite is the Red Ale, which is every bit the equal to my other number one - the Irish Red produced by Midnight Brewery in Goochland.
Bar area - Battlefield Brewery
I used to hate it when all bars in Virginia were smoke-filled.  Now that most bars are smoke-free, the fact that smoking is still permitted/tolerated in The Pub ironically contributes to its understated coolness.  It’s a very casual atmosphere and if you saddle up to the bar, within a few minutes there’s a good chance that you will have made fast friends with the persons next to you and soon you might be calling the lady bartender by name.
Brewery area - Battlefield Brewery
If you’re in the Fredericksburg area I highly recommend checking out the Battlefield Brewery.  It’s an about-face from the overly trendy and puffed up breweries that you might be used to.  

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