Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Wynntown Marshals - The Long Haul (It sounds like 1993, but for now it sounds like heaven)

Last Friday I noticed a post on No Depression about a Scottish band called The Wynntown Marshals.  The article enticed me to check out their new album The Long Haul.  I'm happy to say it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.

As I listen to The Long Haul I keep waiting for the classic Uncle Tupelo song New Madrid to come up next.  I described it to a friend by stating:  “Whiskeytown and Uncle Tupelo had a baby and it’s called The Wynntown Marshals”. 

It’s as if The Wynntown Marshals are paying tribute to the great alt. country bands that came before them, while still writing and playing all original songs.  Shades of Magnolia Electric Co., The Hold Steady and The Sadies are also apparent.

When you take into account that this is a band from Edinburgh, Scotland, it’s even more impressive that The Wynntown Marshals have so convincingly absorbed a genre and sound that is distinctly American.  They out “son volt” Son Volt!  It may sound like 1993, but for now it sounds like heaven. 

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