Friday, April 26, 2013

Find Out The Names Of Tunes With Tunepal!

Tunepal is an app with the trad player in mind.  Using a unique query-by-playing interface, Tunepal helps musicians identify the names of traditional Irish, Scots, Welsh and Breton tunes.  

All you do is hold your iPhone, iPad or Android up to a melody-instrument such as tin-whistle, flute, concertina, accordion, fiddle or banjo, tap to record and Tunepal searches its database of thousands of tunes to find the closest matches.  Titles of matching tunes are shown and you can view the notation on your device or play it back as a midi file.

We tested Tunepal the other night at our trad session on an unknown jig.  Our banjo and flute maestros played the mystery melody together while Tunepal listened.  Within seconds Tunepal delivered its response: “Paddy O’Rafferty with 89% certainty”.  Pretty cool.  Tunes can also be retrieved by typing in a title. 

At a cost under $5, Tunepal is a handy reference app for musicians.

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