Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eamon O’Leary to teach song, guitar and tenor banjo as part of Boxwood’s Williamsburg Traditional Music Weekend

The New York based Irish musician Eamon O’Leary of The Murphy Beds and Live at Mona’s will join Kim Robertson, celtic harp and Chris Norman, traditional flutes and small-pipes, as instructors at Boxwood’s Williamsburg Traditional Music Weekend, March 7-10, 2013 in historic Williamsburg, Virginia.  The weekend will offer classes, sessions, an evening performance, and the opportunity for private lessons.   
Eamon O'Leary (L) and Jefferson Hamer (R) in Reykjavik Iceland, 9/1/11. Photo by Ólafur Ólafsson 
The fact that Eamon O’Leary is teaching Irish tenor banjo is of particular interest to me.  His 2012 recording with Jefferson Hamer titled The Murphy Beds was my favorite album from last year, and O’Leary has also been pegged as the banjo instructor at Augusta Heritage’s Irish Week in July.  I attended Augusta Irish Week last year, but am not sure I will be able to make it this year, so the opportunity for private instruction with Eamon O'Leary closer to home on a more condensed basis is one that I don’t want to pass up!

Some special events during the Traditional Music Weekend include a pennywhistle class on Thursday open to complete beginners, a Friday evening concert at the Williamsburg Library, and a traditional music session on Saturday from 8-10:30pm at the Dog Street Pub, open to all.  For more information and to sign up for classes and/or lessons click here:

About Boxwood:
Boxwood shares and explores the roots and branches of musical traditions in a holistic approach that integrates music, dance, language and crafts in educational outreach programs for adults, kids and professionals.  Boxwood aims to present ideas that encourage musicians to leave the printed page and find their own voice.

Attention tune-catchers:  The annual week-long Boxwood Canada festival, in the lovely town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, looks like it would be a great way to spend a vacation, if total immersion in traditional music is your kind of getaway!

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