Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Crop of Female Singers Has Emerged

I've been listening to a lot of female singers as of late.

It used to be, when I wasn't jamming out to Phish, I would switch gears and take in female singers like Nanci Griffith, Margo Timmins (of the Cowboy Junkies), Iris Dement, Gillian Welch and Abigail Washburn.  Then, for some reason there was a long dry spell where I didn't really listen to many female musicians.  I don't think my tastes changed, because I was always on the lookout for female singers to check out, I just wasn't finding any that spoke to me.  Here lately, however, a whole new crop of emerging female artists are making some of the best music to be found, and this is causing me to once again bend my ear toward feminine vocals.

These women include:
Elizabeth LaPrelle
Mountain ballad singer Elizabeth LaPrelle, whose vocals really cut through.  She is a Southern Appalachian treasure.

Lisa Hannigan
The lovely Irish lass Lisa Hannigan - who has great songs and a unique way of playing stringed instruments.  Here's a link to her NPR Tiny Desk Concert.

Hilary Hawke
Hilary Hawke, a 5-string banjo player and music teacher from Brooklyn, NY.  She is one-half of the neo-oldtime duo Dubl Handi.  Their Up Like the Clouds album was one of my favorites of 2012.

Zoe Muth
Country crooner Zoe Muth.  This Seattle girl and her band The Lost High Rollers make country music the way it was meant to be made.  It's back to the barrooms again.

Maya de Vitry (with Charles Muench L and Oliver Craven R)
Maya de Vitry of The Stray Birds, a tremendously gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  Her contributions to the Stray Birds CD are the best original songs I heard in all of 2012.

Carla Morrison
And Carla Morrison, who mesmerizes while singing in Spanish.  I discovered her via this NPR Field Recording video.

As great as these ladies are, there's still a wide open void to be filled by the all female jamband that kicks some serious improvisational ass.  The Pheminine Phish, you might say.  Now, that would be something, that really would be something.

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