Saturday, January 12, 2013

Learn By Ear Sound Files from Canote Stringband Class

Greg Canote, Jere Canote and Candy Goldman teach a stringband class in Seattle that meets over an 8-week period every Fall, Winter and Spring.  Participants learn to play old-time fiddle tunes in the keys of D, G or A.  Since 2003 they’ve covered over 200 tunes and counting.  One of the students Maya Whitmont has put together a site archiving sound files and banjo tab for all of the tunes.
Greg Canote - fiddle, Jere Canote - guittar
I’d attend the class if I could, but I live 2,800 miles away.  Still, I find the learn-by-ear audio tracks to be very helpful, as the tunes are played multiple times through at a medium-slow tempo.  I’ve played along with such tunes as Old Aunt Jenny With Her Night Cap On, Seneca Square Dance, Magpie, Pretty Little Shoes, Double File, Tater Patch, Sadie at the Back Door, Spotted Pony, Johnny Don't Get Drunk, Sara Armstrong's and more.  Check it out here!

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