Saturday, August 5, 2017

Original Tunes I've Been Writing

I've written 8 tunes over the last 8 weeks. These are pretty much the first original melodies I've ever written.  I use the terms "written" and "original" loosely.  What I seem to be doing is incorrectly transcribing a melody that I already like, and then morphing it further from there and adding or deleting notes as needed.  Part of the fun with writing is not being bound by any rules. When you write something yourself there is no right or wrong.
I take what I already know about scales and notes and the scalar and modal nature of traditional melodies, and combine that with the freeform. Chords, or being diatonic, or rhythm, or time signature, or what type of tune it is, or whether it has a connection to anything aren't really concerns.

Yesterday I decided to record all 8 of these tunes in one sitting (it took about 30 minutes) and today I am posting that audio while these newbies are still are fresh in my mind. Playlist below.


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