Monday, September 7, 2015

Am I Getting Anywhere With Music? Does It Matter?

By not working as "hard" at music recently, I'm having more fun than ever playing it and practicing it.  And by not worrying about falling behind, I may actually be making some forward progress, just in a different way than anticipated.

It seems like so much of music practice is focused on improvement and/or increasing repertoire.  You can't enjoy where you are because you are anxious to get somewhere else.  However, for about the last six weeks or so I've been letting go of self-imposed pressures, structure and feelings of being overwhelmed in favor of simply doing what gives me the most pleasure.  I've abandoned rigid rules and have really enjoyed just noodling with no perception of right or wrong.

I'm very susceptible to the muse with no way of predicting where that might go. As I get more comfortable and fluent with music, the pull of the muse is a more direct, natural occurrence - less forced - so it becomes easier to perceive it and follow it down the path.

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