Friday, March 21, 2014

Charlotte Folk Society Slow Jam Recordings

The Charlotte Folk Society has a page on their site with mp3 audio files, midi files and sheet music/chord pdfs for several old-time chestnuts in the keys of D, G or A.  You can use their mp3 recordings and notation to play along with and learn such tunes as Yellow Rose of Texas, Over the Waterfall, Spotted Pony, Seneca Squaredance, Shove that Pig's Foot, June Apple, Red Haired Boy and more.
Unless you're really trying to get into the nuances of a particular fiddler or source musician's version, a simple, slowly paced jam recording is a great way to get better acquainted with a standard tune and make it your own.  With the slower speed you can practice until perfect and then take it up a notch or two, if you like, or continue playing it at a stately pace which may bring out different qualities of the melody.  I enjoy playing tunes at a medium tempo.
Here's a link to Charlotte Folk Society's recording of the classic Girl I Left Behind Me.

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