Friday, February 22, 2019

Tunes 92 through 97 - Stuart Cleveland, Flambeau, Tiny Tone, Habi Gabi, Plenty Here For Everyone, and Flubtitle

Catching up on the four, five, no SIX tunes written this week. (updated 2/23/19).

Stuart Cleveland
The A-part comes from a Skatalites melody. For the B-part I was getting sort of a Willie Nelson vibe. I'm calling it Stuart Cleveland - named after a street corner where I once lived. Conceived 2/16/19. Recorded 2/22/19 in a hotel room while playing my Tin Guitar travel mandolin.

This was written between 2/16 and 2/17/19. Recorded 2/22/19 while playing Tin Guitar 4-string travel mandolin. The A-part comes from The Skatalites' Burning Torch. The B-part was lifted from the glockenspiel melody on the Jefferson Airlplane song Come Up the Years. The little riff after the B-part comes from the St. Elsewhere theme song. Maybe so. Maybe not.

Tiny Tone
This was written on 2/19/19. It's a fairly original jazzy melody possibly inspired by listening to the Jethro Burns and Tiny Moore album Back To Back. Recorded 2/22/19 in hotel room with Tin Guitar travel mandolin. The melody is played over a Lydian scale Improvise For Real jazz backing track (The Fourth Harmonic Environment).

Habi Gabi
I wrote (and recorded) this exotic sounding piece just before going to bed on 2/20/19 when it was just forming. Played on xylophone over a meditative Improvise For Real backing track (The 6th Harmonic Environment - tonal center of A in the key of C). I think this is going to be one of my favorites!

Plenty Here For Everyone
After posting this morning, I came up with another melody!  While deep into a random search on Spotify I came across an album called Samba For Sale by Danish guitarist Jorgen Ingmann. This melody here is based on the track That's A Plenty from that album. I hear a little bit of the sound of Phish Vultures in the B-part (as in "My guess is that I'll never name this ghost well"). Unexpectedly conceived and recorded this song on 2/22/19. I'm still in a hotel room playing the Tin Guitar travel mandolin. I have this mandolin pitched a half-step flat. I'm using F fingerings but the sound coming out is in E.

Figured out and recorded on 2/23/19.  The A-part is pretty close to a copy of the melody to The Little Man From Mars by Perry and Kingsley.  The B-part is a transcription of the celesta solo in the Death Cab For Cutie song Title And Registration. These work well together.  Played on 4-string Tin Guitar travel mandolin.

Glad I got this posted.


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