Tuesday, June 10, 2014

KITHFOLK, a Digital Quarterly Roots Music Magazine

The folks at Hearth Music have put out their 2nd issue of KITHFOLK, a digital quarterly roots music magazine.  I paged through the first issue as well, and so far I have been very impressed by the broad, yet somehow focused, reach of the magazine.


This isn’t some wimpy, online ‘zine.  KITHFOLK is a graphically pleasing, content-rich periodical covering trad/folk/roots music and musicians from all around the globe.  The current issue features over 20 articles.  Check out this list of KITHFOLK Issue 2 Highlights:

-Exclusive interview with roots blues bad boy Scott H. Biram

-Exclusive pictures from the set of Inside Llewyn Davis

-Pictures and stories from the first tour of China by Louisiana Cajun artists Joel Savoy & Jesse Lege

-No-holds-barred interviews with emo icon turned folk hero Chris Carrabba of Twin Forks and Irish punk trad band Lynched

-Thoughts on the misfit outsider Americana culture of Hurray for the Riff Raff

-Exclusive stories of New Mexican accordion music and the birth of chicken scratch (Flaco Jimenez & Max Baca)

-Thoughts on hip-hop traditions from noted scribe/DJ Larry Mizell, Jr(Pass It On)

-The secrets behind a great duet from Mandolin Orange and Pharis & Jason Romero

-The mysterious disappearance of guitar alchemist/time travelerWilburn Burchette (I Am The Center)

-Haitian music meets the poetry of Langston Hughes (Leyla McCalla)

-Exclusive interview on the return of The Duhks' frontwoman Jessee Havey

-Primordial Swedish music from Groupa 

-Lost forest music of Oregon via Timberbound 

-New Female Voices ofRussian Folk Music

-Almost 20 reviews of new albums20+ Feature Articles!

 KITHFOLK is available online and also for iPhones and iPads (and tablets) via the Creatavist App (download the app and search for "KITHFOLK).  Share with your friends if you do enjoy the magazine!


  1. Glad to see you giving some love to Kithfolk! I used to blog about music and the magazine's founder, Devon, became a "digital friend." Great guy always putting out quality work.

  2. Hi Dustin - thanks for your comment. I also know Devon through the digital world. Nice guy and great taste in music!