Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Fiddlin’ Banjo Billy Mathews and Paddy O’Brien Tune Collections

I wanted to quickly point out two audio tune collections worth looking into – one by a fiddler/banjo player from the Ozarks (Fiddlin’ Banjo Billy Mathews’ 500 Fiddle Tunes Project) and the other by an Irish accordion player from County Offaly (The Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection). 

Fiddlin' Banjo Billy Mathews
500 Fiddle Tunes Project
Fiddlin’ Banjo Billy Mathews is an old-time musician from the Ozark Mountains.  He has traveled extensively throughout the Midwest for over 40 years, picking up tunes along the way.  Billy has recently finished recording a collection of his favorite 500 fiddle tunes, with the goal of doing another 500 soon.  The idea is to present a reasonable rendition of the tune - not too fast, pretty much straight up with very little ornamentation - to provide a resource for learning these tunes by ear.

For the entire Banjo Billy tune list click HERE.
Click HERE to order the 500 Fiddle Tunes Project.

County Offaly Paddy O'Brien
Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection
The Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection is a compilation of 1,000 Irish tunes from the repertoire of Paddy O’Brien of County Offaly, an All-Ireland accordion champion.  In more than five decades as a musician, Paddy has gained a reputation as a walking encyclopedia of Irish music.  It’s estimated that he carries in his head the melodies of more than 3,000 Irish tunes.  Created especially for serious students of Irish music, this unique collection can help today’s players learn Irish music the way it was traditionally handed down - by ear.

For the entire Paddy O’Brien tune list click HERE.
Click HERE to order the Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection.

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