Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bummer. The perfect chair for jamming is not for sale!

Could the Locker Room Stool be the perfect Clifftop jamming chair?  If so, why is nobody willing to sell one (or two)?

I started going to campout music festivals this summer.  Not the type of festivals like All Good or High Sierra with lots of jambands that I used to go to in the 90’s, but the kind of festivals where musicians of all ages and abilities gather together to sit in circles and play old-timey fiddle tunes.  Like Mt. Airy, Clifftop, Rockbridge, Hoppin’ John’s and so on. 

One thing I noticed was the type of chairs people have at these things.  The last thing most musicians want to sit in is the ubiquitous reclining camp chair with arms and cup holders.  You sink down in the chair and the arms just get in the way.  For a jamming chair you want something armless, upright, compact, sturdy and portable.  You need to be able to take it with you as you roam the festival grounds in search of jams to get into.  It also needs to fold down and easily fit in your vehicle or storage area.

A standard armless metal folding chair like the kind you can get at an Office Max or Home Depot is fine, if a little clunky.  However, what you really want is a smaller folding stool with a back.  When I got home from the most recent festival I tried to look these up online.  After a bit of poking around I happened upon the term “locker room stool”.  Type that into a Google search and it’ll bring up these mini folding team seats designed for locker rooms and basketball sidelines, available in a variety of color options.  When folded these chairs don't take up much space:  25" high, 14.75" wide and 2.75" deep.  Plus, if these chairs are strong enough to hold a 250+ pound athlete, they can surely hold the old-time fiddler who has had one too many Indian Tacos and Jalapeno Hushpuppies!   . 
Locker Room Stool/Jamming Seat!
Locker Room Stool dimensions
The only problem is, I can't find any merchants willing to sell these stools in quantities less than 5!  In fact, many sellers insist upon orders of 12 or more.  I only need one or two at most.  Because these are designed for sports teams, I suppose the manufacturer allows bulk orders only.  At around $38 a pop, that cost can quickly add up.  Unfortunately I've had to settle for a cheaper, lower quality option.  I found a simple folding stool for $8.95 from Hold N Storage.  Picture below.
Cheaper $8.95 stool

This stool will certainly meet basic needs,  but is nowhere near as cool as the Locker Room Stool would have been with its allure of having your own customized frame and cushion colors.  Even a logo!  Who wants to go in on a bulk order?!

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