Thursday, February 2, 2012

Apogee MiC has arrived!

The long-awaited Apogee MiC has finally arrived.  The MiC is described as being a portable, studio-quality microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac.  I must say it's pretty easy to use.  When it arrived yesterday I took it out of the box, plugged it into my iPad, opened up GarageBand, and immediately recorded the following tune set.

I'm definitely not a sound engineer (or musician for that matter!) and I hardly did any adjustments for gain or mic placement on these takes, but I think it came out pretty good for a first try.  It's three overdubbed tracks...I recorded a rhythm part then listened back through headphones and played the melody over it (both with my tenor banjo).  Then I had my wife get out her bodhran and add some percussion.  She wasn't that pleased with her playing last night or with the sound she was getting out of her drum, but I think she did OK for someone who has only been whacking a bodhran for a few months.
Apogee MiC

By the way, the tunes we recorded are Whalen's Breakdown - an old-timey sounding tune from Canada in the key of C, and Tralee Jail - a hard driving Irish polka in Eminor (also spelled Tralee Gaol; known in Scotland as Haughs of Cromdale).

I intend to do many more recordings with the Apogee MiC to document our musical progress.  It's portability also makes it great for taking to jams or sessions!


  1. Recording is so much easier these days with the availability of powerful portable devices. I remember the back in the analog days, it was such a headache and extremely expensive.

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