Sunday, October 2, 2011

Newfoundland Artist Elizabeth Burry

On Friday Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism sent out a message announcing that Culture Daysa celebration of cultural producers and artists, was Sept 30 - Oct 2. That reminded me of the Newfoundland artist Elizabeth Burry, whose Artscape paintings were on display in some of the shops and studios in St. John's.  There seemed to be many realist artists in Newfoundland, but Elizabeth Burry's brightly colored depictions of landscapes and seascapes made her my favorite.  Here are a few of her paintings.

Coast of Many Colors
"Coast of Many Colors" was inspired by the town of Trinity East on the Bonavista Peninsula.  

Seas the Day
"Seas the Day" could be any cove in Newfoundland and Labrador.  

Summer Reflections
"Summer Reflections" is based on the bright and colorful township of St. Bernards.

Warm Welcome
"Warm Welcome" is reminiscent of many beautiful villages in the Province. 

You can purchase Elizabeth Burry's art, including framed, signed reproductions of these paintings, online at

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