Thursday, October 20, 2011

Introducing Prypyat, featuring Duncan and Leah!

Prypyat is the harmonic convergence of Leah Gibson, from the NPR-lauded chamber-folk group Lost in the Trees, and Duncan Webster, from the Durham, NC indie-rock powerhouse Hammer No More the Fingers.  This cello/guitar duo merges classical, pop and rock, with a folkie bent for the folkies and a selkie bent for the selkies. (blue text).

The name Prypyat is derived from Prypiat - a ghost town near Chernobyl that was abandoned after the 1986 nuclear disaster.  This "atom city" had a population of 50,000 before the accident. The peeps are all gone but, despite mutations, animals now thrive there.

I got to see Prypyat perform a happy, gooey, golden set at the recent fall 2011 Shakori Hills Grassroots festival.   Now is your chance as they embark on a five-day mini tour from October 21st to 25th with stops in Charlottesville, Shepherdstown, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Chapel Hill.

Shall I use the word Prypyat in a sentence?  OK.  The quietude of my Funyuns® induced reverie was interrupted by the elegiac sounds of Prypyat.

Demos are up on their Bandcamp site and they have a Facebook page.  Lynx below.  Enjoy chill'uns!

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