Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rakes of Mallow - recorded using Fourtrack App

I downloaded the Fourtrack iPhone app tonight and tried it out by recording this unexpectedly mellow version of the Irish polka(?) Rakes of Mallow. I don't have an external mic yet so this is just using the phone's built-in recorder.

The two instruments kinda sound out of tune but the timing is much better than yesterday's attempt at a recording. Track 1 is me playing chords on banjo uke. Track 2 is me playing the melody on tenor banjo. Don't know why I played this so slow. Clearly I need to learn more about chording & accompaniment overall it's not bad. Tempo could be faster next time.

It's weird how much easier the melody is to play when you've got the chords behind it. This could get addictive.

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