Saturday, October 27, 2018

Five Tunes Written on Guitar (Numbers 75 to 71)

I've had my Vagabond Travel Guitar for about five weeks, and as of today I've written five new tunes on it.  These tunes are all fairly simple in structure and a lot of fun to play.  I don't think these would have come into existence if I hadn't gotten that guitar.  They feel like guitar melodies.  Here they are.

Love Awaits
I wasn't planning on writing a tune this morning but a hint of a lyric came to me while plucking the guitar around 9am today. It had sort of a bluegrass, mountain-music type feel to it so I jotted down the notes in this melody based on the sounds of the lyrics I was hearing in my head. Written and recorded on 10/27/18.

Daylight Graveyard
I was listening to the Manu Dibango album "B Sides" on Spotify when the track Fleur De Marigot caught my ear. This melody called Daylight Graveyard is partially influenced by that tune. It was written on 10/1618. Recorded 10/24/18.

Armadillo Babirusa
I came up with Armadillo Babirusa while having the sound of the Bill Frisell composition Amarillo Barbados in my head. Hence the similarity in titles. Written 10/12/18. Recorded 10/24/18.

Double Ruler
I wrote this tune on 10/10/18 - a day when I had been listening to the new Bacao Rhythm and Steel album as well as Bill Frisell's The Willies. I picked up my Vagabond guitar and these notes immediately poured out of it. This recording was made on 10/24/18.

This is the first tune I wrote on the Vagabond guitar.  It was written on 9/29/18 and recorded 10/1/18.  The idea for this melody came to me while listening to Joe Craven's Camptown album on Spotify. I hummed a skeleton of this melody the voice recorder and then later worked it out on guitar.


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