Saturday, July 21, 2012

On The Eve of Elkins

There is a clear musical place beyond thought
Where the mind is quiet and focused
And conscious distractions are minimal
What the masters have to teach you
Makes the music sound better
Simple ways 
Avoid cleverness
Stay in that place permanently
Bring it to everyday life
Listen to every sound
All the time

1 comment:

  1. I have half a mind (many people agree to that) to come out there just to hang out for one of those all night sessions. It's been probably fifteen years since I went to Davis and Elkins Irish Week. I was starting Uilleann pipes and had Jerry O'Sullivan as my teacher. It was amazing to see him jamming late into the night. Mick Maloney gave some great talks. Joanie Madden led everyone in the Ice House in a raucous Ob La Di Ob La Da. Very memorable. I've got tickets to a concert in Va Beach, so I probably won't make good on the notion to come out there. It is quite a drive. Have fun and learn a ton of stuff!