Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Robin Shackleton of Sylvan Temple World Instruments

While researching drum makers for my Guide to Makers of Custom Made Bodhrans article, one luthier in particular stood out.  His name is Robin Shackleton of Sylvan Temple World Instruments in Vancouver Island, Bristish Columbia. 
Robin Shackleton - photo by rphl_lxndr
Robin makes gorgeous handmade drums and and is now starting to explore the world of stringed instruments, including ouds.  His one of a kind, custom instruments come from the forests of Vancouver Island. He salvages Aldar, Maple, Arbutus, Cypress, Yew, Oak and other kinds of trees from various burn and waste sites. The skins and hardware used are from sources as local and considerate as possible. Robin completes all processes of instrument creation and - due to the care given to each instrument - produces only a limited number each year.  Drum types include bodhrans, tars and other frame drums, plus djembes, doumbeks, darabukas, cajons, and more.  Customizations include the option of a adding a personal text, verse or mantra to your drum in runes or old languages.
A couple SylvanTemple bodhrans

SylvanTemple Oud - front

SylvanTemple Oud - back

The SylvanTemple doumbek I ordered
Robin also frequently gives instructional workshops around Comox Valley, BC on drum-making and drum-playing.  For his drum-making workshops, he does the prep work of turning and finishing the shell to your specs, but the rest is done together!  At the end of one of his 1-day workshops you are left with a new djembe and the knowledge of how to re-head, tune and care for it.  Follow up sessions are available.

As an experienced player and performer of Middle Eastern drumming, Robin's musical workshops allow rhythm enthusiasts to improve their skills while learning about various styles of drumming.  These sessions are open to anyone with an interest in rhythm who wants to experience first-hand the benefits and joys of the drum.  Doumbek, frame drum and general percussion instruction is offered. 

For more information visit or go to Robin's Facebook page. Also check out the Comox Drumming site -

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