Friday, January 21, 2011

That High B, new tunes

Continuing to develop new tunes. The name escapes me at the moment, but the French tune in 2/4 or 4/4 for the A-part, then 6/8 for the B-part almost got cut, but a moment of clarity brought that tune into focus and now it should remain. Also - I believe it's called Ton Roban Bleu - is a tune with a nice A-part but a no fun B-part. Usually with a tune like that, if it's a two-part tune and one of the parts is a drag, I'll drop the tune. However in this case I feel like the A-part pairs nicely with Red Rocking Chair, oddly enough. So I'm going to work on that pairing some more tonight - Red Rocking Chair with Ton Roban Bleu part A...calling it Bleu Rocking Chair! Also going through my whole collection of previously tabbed-out tunes to find ones I overlooked or am ready to play now.

I'm comfortable with frets 1 through 6. I don't go any farther than that, really. On the G, D or A strings, if it calls for a 7th fret note, I get around that by playing the open string on the next lighter string. (This isn't a good advice - closed position allows you to easily change keys on a whim, but I don't play jazz or in a band so I can do what I want!). I will occasionally go to the 7th fret B on the E string, if a tune requires it. Although more often than not this is too difficult to pull off smoothly. But, I'm not going to let that stop me. If there's no way - with my limited abilities - to cleanly play a tune with that B note, I'm going to simply move it down a 5th, so that the 7th fret B can now be played as an open string E. At the very least that alleviates the problem and allows me to play tunes like Blackberry Blossom (G to C), Ebenzer (G to C?), and Star of Munster (Am to Dm), which previously just weren't any fun because of the difficulty of hitting that 7th fret B.

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