Monday, January 31, 2011

Fairly Complete List

Here's a fairly complete list of the tunes I'm considering:

Chinese Breakdown
F&D Rag
Planxty Irwin
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Make Me Down a Pallet
Star of Munster
Banks of the Lough Gowna
Blue Skies
In C
Maid Behind the Bar
Blackberry Blossom
Rights of Man
Kid on the Mountain
Bogalusa Strut
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Shoe the Donkey
Valse de los Panos
Hohokum Polka
Gandzia Polka
Old Grey Cat
Reel Semeur
Ma Yofus
Oriantalische Melody
Sonny Brogan's
Milk Shake
La Gigue
Camp Pleasant Jig
Boswell's Fancy
Purple Lilies Polka
Bleu Rocking Chair
Mazurka de Famille
Les Brise Pieds
El Churrumbe
Madame Sosthene
Bosco Stomp
You Are My Sunshine
Schottische from Lima
Parlez-nous a Boire
Home w/ the Girls in the Morning
Haste to the Wedding
Miss Mcleod's Reel
Mug of Brown Ale
Pipe on the Hob 1 & 2
Golden Slippers
Irish Washerwoman
June Apple
Little Sadie
Lilting Banshee
President Garfield's Hornpipe
Red Haired Boy
Tripping up the Stairs
Wind that Shakes the Barley
Ballydesmond Polka
Soldier's Joy
Temperance Reel
Plus 5 to 10 other tunes from the Early/Medieval/Celtic books.

Cool that's between 50 and 60 tunes. I thought it would be a little bit more. And it should be less than 50 by the time I'm done whittling them down. I'll need to work out some pairings for these.

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