Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More than I thought

I intend to start playing sets again in mid-February. Until then I'm still working out the tunes I'll be playing. When I first started playing/learning, I was immediately drawn to tabbing out tunes...finding two or three versions of it in tunebooks or on the internet, then finding the audio to the tune and playing along. I would adopt my own rendition of the tune based on aspects of the different versions I found. Usually the versions were pretty similar to begin with. So, I literally have hundreds of tunes tabbed out. Recently I've been going back through those and selecting many that I'd like to play again. So my original plan of having just a core group of tunes is probably going to be expanded. At this point I really have no idea how many tunes I've set aside...but I bet it's probably more than 50 (this is in addition to the 50 or so I was already playing in Nov/Dec.). Plus I'm still going through my tunebooks and other sources for material and picking out new stuff to play. So it's a pretty long list. I'm kind of at a pretty good point now, where I'm sure I'll be adding 2 or 3 Cajun tunes, 4 or 5 Southwestern tunes, 3 or 4 French tunes, some Portland Collection contra dance tunes, some old-time fiddle tunes, some celtic jigs, reels & hornpipes, 2 or 3 Klezmer tunes, some folk song melodies, and hopefully some O'Carolan tunes and some additional rags/jazz. If I like the melody of the tune but the key it's commonly played in doesn't fit well with my comfort range, I'll move it if possible. Over the next couple weeks I hope to have a more tangible idea of what these tunes are exactly, and a rough idea of how they will be paired and played.

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