Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Books Read February 2023

The Stars Did Wander Darkling - Colin Meloy (February 2)

I enjoyed it well enough but never got fully engrossed in it. The story doesn't always make sense. I don't see how this would be for good kids ages 8 to 12.

Eight Million Ways to Die (Graphic Novel) - John K. Snyder III (February 3)
I haven’t read many graphic novels in my life but I liked this one, due in part to the great source material, but also the interpretation. It took a lot less time to finish than a normal book does. 

Malice House - Megan Shepherd (February 10)
One-fourth of the way through: very good. 50% of the way through: still pretty good. 75% of the way through: starting to slip. 100% of the way through: OK but I wouldn’t want to read a sequel.

The Bloody Chamber - Angela Carter (February 14)
This book is a classic for a reason. Every story is good. I read it like a normal book with a normal amount of time spent per page, but more time could have been spent pouring over the words. That would have only made it better.

Alien - Alan Dean Foster (February 23)
I read this for the lark of it being a novelization of the iconic movie, but it was more of a slog than a charm. It took me several days to finish because I just wasn't motivated to spend a whole lot of time with it, but I didn't want to give up altogether.

The Wall - Marlen Haushofer (February 28)
I'm glad I got this one in during the month of February. Unlike most books, I felt very "present" while reading The Wall and enjoyed almost every minute of it, every page of it, so I was never in a rush. At approximately 230 pages, that was about the max that this story could have been stretched out for. One of the things that happens at the end of the book is emotionally difficult so that was the only part I questioned or didn't like. Otherwise, a great book to have consumed and one that will probably steer me in a new direction.

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