Thursday, December 3, 2020

New Workout Equipment: Core Coaster and BASEBAR

Kettlebells, steel maces, clubs, Persian meels, a shena pushup board, a fitness trampoline, weighted medicine balls, even a bowling ball(!) -- I've accumulated a lot of workout equipment this year. Granted, you could get by with just one kettlebell or one steel mace, but I like the variety these assorted tools allow for. Even with all this equipment I still recognized what might be at least two voids: some type of ab roller device, and a chin up bar. Enter the Core Coaster and the BASEBAR.

After doing some research into the different ab roller options, the Core Coaster seemed like a no brainer. I suggest you go for the 2 Core Coasters set like I did. This allows you do a wide variety of exercises including some cool push-up like moves and plank position mountain climbers. Adding a few minutes with the Core Coaster to my weekly routine has definitely made a difference.

The other thing that I felt in need of was a chin up bar. In classic impulse buy fashion, when an ad for the BASEBAR came up on my Instagram feed I made the purchase without hesitation. It was just what I was looking for. They caught me at the right moment, I guess. Now I know that there are several products like this with BASEBAR simply being one of many to choose from. Nonetheless, it has given me the opportunity to do some pull-up/chin-up type actions two or three times a week.

Besides moving up in kettlebell or steel mace weights, I feel pretty much complete at the moment. I have all the tools needed to get a pretty good workout. 

At home.


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