Friday, October 25, 2013

A Tune List for the Ashland Jam

The Ashland Jam that I host, where we play both Irish and Old-Time tunes, is going pretty strong.  Different assortments of people show up every time, and it’s never quite the same from one time to the next.  Anywhere from 8 to 15 people are usually there.  There’s a strong sense of the unknown, which is kinda' cool.

I love it when more advanced players with a wider base of tunes show up, but sometimes it’s up to me to provide the lead melody.  So, I’ve worked pretty hard over the past year and a half to build up a repertoire of about 100 tunes that I can lead on, even if it is just a basic take of the bare bones melody at a medium pace.

To improve upon the flow of the jam and hopefully make it more fun for all, I've created a tune list for others to use as a reference when making selections (with links to audio for learning by ear).  I’ve only included tunes that I expect to be able to play from memory on any given Saturday.  As the repertoire grows, more tunes will be added, while some may drop off.

That list can be found here.

Of course, when certain melody players are present, the unofficial list instantly widens and those players are welcome to draw from any of the hundreds of tunes available to them.  There’s no reason to stick to this list.  But, for rhythm players and those just starting out, I hope this list will be helpful.

Midnight Brewery 6/15/13
The above picture is from a special jam we had at Midnight Brewery this past June.  There were no shortage of melody players that day!  

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