Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christian Hedwitschak Bodhrán on Order!

My wife has only been playing bodhrán since August but she is showing great progress - she's had lessons, plays along with me on banjo as well as with bodhrán videos and recordings, and has already joined in at some local public sessions and jams.  Just recently she submitted an order through Whistle and Drum for a custom Christian Hedwitschak bodhrán that will take a few months to complete. Made in Germany, Hedwitschak drums are among the best in the world and Christian was very patient and helpful as we mulled over his options before deciding on the customization that will work best for her.

The main specs are:
37x13cm size.
DRAGONSkin classic drum skin.
BasicLine tuning system integrated into inner frame.
"Green Fade to Black" fiddle bottom maple effect varnish.
Leather strip under drum skin.
Bodhrán maker Christian Hedwitschak

Integrated tuning system
Hedwitschak MOS with Green fade to Black veneer
This custom design borrows features from Christian's compact MOS (skin, veneer) and MHTF (tuning system) bodhráns, but with a slightly slimmer 13cm depth (no cut-out).  Besides the skill of the player, the sound of a bodhrán is largely determined by the tipper and skin; not so much by the diameter/depth.  Christian uses a special treating on his DRAGONSkins which gives them a creamy mid-range with huge amounts of bass.  Exactly the sound needed to balance out the treble sound of my tenor banjo.  Plus you can't beat the snazzy look of his drums!  Cardinal Puffin gets more and more real each day!

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