Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ashland Midsummer Wine Festival - July 16, 2011

"We knew there would be khakis".

I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to hold a wine tasting in the middle of July on an asphalt plaza, but according to the Ashland Street Parties website there is going to be a wine festival in Ashland,VA this Saturday, July 16th from 7-11pm featuring Virginia Wineries.  The website doesn't indicate how many wineries or which ones will be there, but presumably it will be more than one because of the use of the plural: wineries. The location is behind the Ashland library at 201 S. Railroad Avenue. 

Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the entrance and are available at places in town like Cross Bros. Grocery and The Caboose Wine & Cheese shop.  I saw a flyer about the event in the Cross Bros. window earlier this week and it had more information, but unfortunately I can't find a pdf of the poster online at the time of this writing.

Even though these events take place just a few blocks from where I live, I've never attended one, although I can usually hear the music from my house and have walked by previous parties while walking the dogs.  All I can say is that these things attract an older, boomer crowd ready to "dance the night away" to generic wedding bands playing cheesy covers of oldies, surf and motown hits.  That's Ashland for you.  The band they have this time - King Edward and the BD's - looks to be no different.  Would it kill them to get a decent bluegrass or jamband some time?  Surely the average couple off the street wouldn't know the difference, and at least us music lovers would have something to enjoy.

I should write how I really feel about it!   In actuality I'm one to talk considering the crappy music I put out there.  Nonetheless this event appears to be on my calendar and unless I have a change of heart on the day of, as a Virginia Wine lover, I am going to check it out.  Maybe I'll wear some ear plugs though. But definitely not a Hawaiian shirt.  There will already be plenty of those for sure.

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