Monday, February 7, 2011

The Shark is Black

On Friday, April 1st Hammer No More the Fingers will be holding a CD release party at Durham's MOTORCO for their new album Black Shark.
Black Shark is the band's 2nd full-length release, following 2009's impressive Looking for Bruce, and is a definite step forward. It's practically impossible to pick a favorite track out of this cohesive batch of songs. "Black Shark" and "The Agency" are probably the most popular among fans, but every track here is a winner. Other bands in the circuit might get by on lesser chops, but the musicianship within HNMTF is top notch. At times there are hints of surf rock and 90's slacker bands, as other reviewers have noted. Most noticeable though is the tight, concise, "econo" jamming. Joe Hall weaving tastefully unique guitar chords around Duncan Webster's aggressive bass lines, while drummer Jeff Stickley's confident but humble drumming displays an unexpected level of attention and experience. The music is matched with smart, particular, yet cryptic lyrics that might be hard to grasp at first. Although after a few listens, meaning and understanding start to seep through the abstract. How far you take that meaning is up to you. The parts make a surprisingly full whole in the case of Hammer No More the Fingers.

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