Friday, May 13, 2011

June Apple and Almondo Boswell Polka

I had not played any banjo uke for several weeks but this evening I decided to record a couple tracks. My playing was inspired by the oldtime banjo uke playing of Jeff Claus from the Horse Flies and Linda Higginbotham of Leftwich & Higginbotham.  They both have a propulsive, percussive, rhythmic approach to uke playing.  I'm still very new at this so I chose two uke-friendly tunes with easy to play open chords in them: June Apple and Almondo Boswell Polka.

June Apple is the well known old-time tune. Almondo Boswell Polka is a combination of the A-part to Almondo's Polka from Dix Bruce's Mandolin Uff Da! book and the B & C parts from Boswell's Fancy, which is a tune found in the Portland Collection. Key of G. Both tunes were recorded using banjo uke for the chords and tenor banjo for the melody.  Recorded using iphone 4-track app on Friday, May 13, 2011.

Here's June Apple.

Here's Almondo Boswell Polka.

No uke bass this time.  Need to practice that instrument some more.

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